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The Bisbee Science Lab is located at 519 W Melody Lane, Bisbee AZ, a property owned and operated by the Bisbee Unified School District. 

The Bisbee Science Lab, in conjunction with the Bisbee Unified School District, Copper Queen Library, Bisbee community, and UA landscape design Coverdell fellow Blake Houghton, is working to redesign the roughly 8 acre backyard into a versatile public space.

In October 2021, we invited sustainable landscape design architect Gerardo Ruiz Smith from San Miguel Mexico to run a collaborative design workshop at 519 W Melody Lane. Our 35 participants provided valuable ideas that helped shape our current work. In November and December 2021, we ran workshops with local elementary, middle, and high school students. Their creative input will be integral as we continue with the design of the landscape. In March of 2022, we ran another community design workshop, targeting locals who live in the immediate vicinity of 519 W Melody Lane. 

Current Work

We are currently working on gathering more community input regarding this project before we begin the design process in earnest.

We are looking for residents of San Jose, Warren, Hereford, and the general Bisbee area to participate in the survey below outlining what they would like to see in a public space at 519 W Melody Lane.

If you are interested in providing input during this engagement phase, please fill out the survey below!

Interested in becoming more involved in the design process? Email us at

Advisory Board

Brenda Morales

Office Manager, Bisbee Community Member

Brenda Morales was born and raised in Bisbee, Brenda and her husband Ramon have made their home in San Jose, raising their two daughters. Since the girls (now 21 and 16) were very young, Brenda has enjoyed volunteering in the classroom and has always been active in cheering on the Puma sports teams. She has volunteered serving meals at The Coalition for the Homeless and is an active member of St. Patrick's Church. She currently works as the office manager for the Bisbee Information Office. Brenda attended school in the decommissioned school building where this project takes place.


Sheyla Lopez

School Counselor, Douglas/Agua Prieta Community Member

Sheyla Lopez is a mother, well educated feminist with a strong background in behavior and child psychology, and cross-border community member. She has used her practical skills to serve her community and her family both in Mexico and in the U.S. She currently works as a school counselor for the Center for Academic Success schools in Douglas, serving K-12 students through vocational orientations, mental health interventions, general support, and much more. She loves challenges, and works hard to bring enrichment opportunities to her students.

Terry Rayna

Former Principal/Superintendent of McNeal Schools


Eliani Rubio

Bisbee Science Lab Lead High School Intern

Eliani Rubio is a Bisbee High School sophomore who has been on the BSL internship team since the beginning of her freshman year. During her tenure, she has helped open the Outdoor Learning Center, lead summer programming with the Boys and Girls Club, facilitate activities during open lab hours, and run the mobile lab in Naco, Bisbee, and Douglas. This past fall she was promoted to the role of lead intern, and now takes on the responsibilities of managing the intern schedules and gathering and verifying invoices. She is interested in helping in all BSL endeavors, including the new backyard project.

Satellite Image Provided by UA Landscape Design Student Blake Houghton

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Satellite Image Provided by Gerardo Ruiz Smith

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